Northeast Chapters

The US VETERANS MC  is a Registered Trademark owned by US VETERANS MC Inc. Founded on Long Island NY In 2007. 

No others have rights to this trademark or claim to its ownership.

New Hampshire State

The U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club was founded in 2007, with the New Hampshire charter being established on March 31, 2019. The brothers who founded this chapter did so on the basis of honor, loyalty, and respect for our fellow veterans, while maintaining the camaraderie that was once experienced throughout the different branches of the United States military.

The USVMC-NH charter takes pride in our mission of helping struggling veterans, their families, or other organizations that provide support to veterans in need. If you feel that the USVMC-NH charter is the organization that is the right fit for you, please swing over to our membership requirements tab and check out the information provided. We are a traditional MC, who respect those who came before us. with that in mind nothing is given, everything is earned.

New York State

St Lawrence

Massachusetts State


Chartered 2013

Vermont State

Chartered September 6, 2014

Rhode Island State

“This MC is dedicated to the remembrance of the sacrifices by those who made the Ultimate sacrifice and for those who still struggle today! We abide by a set of by-laws and truly live by a code of Brotherhood that we do not hold lightly. We do not lend lip-service but live in the Brotherhood.”